Paintings, Pastels, Watercolors and More!

Tonya works with many mediums. Among her favorites are Acrylic and Soft pastels. Here is a selection of some of her work. Please visit her Facebook and Instagram to experience more. 


Nothing like a fantastic pallette.

Watercolor Landscape

Watercolor and dip pens are fabulous when used together for detail. 

Detail, Detail and more Detail

One of Tonya's favorite parts of the process is the detailing. The fine brush stroke and adding dimension. Beautiful.

Tonya's Custom Brush Box

Even your brushes need an awesome place to live. Painted on a tool box to house her most used tools. 

Quarter Sized

Even the smallest painting detail is her favorite. This little gal is the size of a quarter. 

Work Space

Coffee - Check

Pencils - Check

Imagination - Check

Bears, Pastel and Detail

This beauty is 18X36 and framed. It is currently in the boutique for sale. 

Graphite Softness

Flowers, Landscapes and animals are Tonya's specialty. Sketching is a great tool for her to fine tune her skills. 

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